Be smart. Podcast. 

5 Reasons why you need a podcast

People are podcasting in record numbers, and smart businesses use podcasts to build brand loyalty. These are the 5 most important reasons why you should start podcasting today.

1.Podcast subscribers are engaged until they choose not to be anymore–and they’re super engaged.
The vast majority of your plays/downloads (some 90%, according to podcast statistics brand Blubrry) come from subscribed applications such as iTunes, which automatically download your latest episode upon its release. Quite often, your podcast audience will subscribe to your podcast and download the episodes without ever visiting your website.
You don’t have to keep trying to get in front of them as you do on Facebook, Twitter, in email, with ads. They automatically receive your latest content on their favorite android or iOS device. An Edison Research study on the audio habits of Americans found that podcast listeners are actually “super listeners,” consuming more than one hour and 45 minutes of audio per day than the average American, and they spend more than 25 percent of their total audio time listening to podcasts.

2. Barriers to entry are extremely low.
People are podcasting about knitting, Yoga and the fight against manufactured music. People are podcasting from studios, but also from their home offices, garages, and in the streets. However the best podcasters all stay consistent so their brands grow.

3.Podcast ads are effective and can be very engaging.

Listeners don’t seem to mind commercial breaks in podcasts and are influenced by the messaging they’re hearing. A recent survey of 300,000 podcast listeners found that 63% of people bought something a host had promoted on their show. When asked if advertising within podcasts had affected their behavior, 71 percent said they’d visited a sponsor’s website, while 62 percent said they’d considered that new product or service.

When it comes to commercials, podcast hosts have more creative license than radio show hosts, as well. Where radio stations are constrained by federal laws guiding what they can say in ads, podcast hosts have no such restrictions.

4. Podcasting is a great addition to your marketing mix.
Podcasting integrates well with other digital marketing efforts. You can discuss recent posts on your blog, promote your social channels and use them as a conversation tool with listeners, build your email list through podcasting and more.

Content marketing isn’t just about blogging. It’s about creating different types of content for your potential customers to engage with, wherever they are. Podcasts are the best format for mobile because it can be easily consumed while on the go.

5. Podcasting is Huge–and it’s Growing

Podcasting has been around for about ten years, but it’s really coming into its own now. Today, about 15% of Americans listen to podcast at least once a month, according to research. 

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