Crack Babies = Mumble Rappers 

Crack baby” was a term coined to describe children who were exposed to crack (freebase cocaine in smokable form) as fetuses; the concept of the crack baby emerged in the US during the 1980s and 1990s in the midst of a crack epidemic. 

I remember when the coolest thing you could be in the hood was a dope dealer. They had the money. They had the cars. They had they women. Life was simple back then. You either were a customer or you were a dealer. We lived by simple rules that could be universally applied in any ghetto. We knew who we were. Life in the 80s was really raw and uncut but it was real. You were allowed to call a spade a spade and people could be trusted because their minds were free. Free of dread and fear. Free of crack. Then the 90s hit and the line between dealer and fiend became blurrier. Brother after brother. Sister after sister. Everybody chasing that next high…. While the kids suffered. 
We all suffered. The birth of the latch key kid was rampant and saying no to drugs became impossible. 


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