Why does race matter?

I’m tired of people getting offended when we race is brought into a discussion. They say things like why are you always taking about race? I don’t see color. Is everything always about race with you? Why can’t we all just get a long. I’ll tell you why. It’s because America is built on the concept of class and unfortunately the tools used to determine the classes are race,religion and gender. If America wants me as a black man to not discuss race in everything I do then stop classifying me as an African American. How in the hell do we get here at the same damn time and build the same damn country, eat the same damn food (albeit a lesser degree of quality ) and then defecate on the same soil but you are considered an American and I am considered an African American. How does that work? Let’s look at the facts based on American history.  
White people come to America.  

White people kill natives (which were black)

White people then go to Africa to get more natives 

Natives are then forced into servitude for 400 years

White people are Americans

Black people are African Americans 

Original natives are native Americans. 
Every application for services you need ask you who you are before they help or hire you. 



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