America is not a democracy

America is not a democracy. Americans don’t even understand the concept. Americans don’t understand that we’ve been toppling democracies all over the globe for decades. They taught you that communism is bad, because that’s actual democracy. That’s workers being in complete control of their workplaces, their communities, and the products we all buy and use.  
There is no way for real democracy to exist when there are economic classes. It is just an exercise in logic to accept that people wth more money are going to have more power. That power imbalance smothers democracy. The rich ruling over us is the definition of oligarchy, not the definition of democracy. Demos means the people. Democracy is rule by the people. It does not mean being ruled by a select few billionaires and trillionaires. 
The CIA has run around the world toppling democracies, while pretending to spread democracy. All so a few thousand really rich people can keep being rich, and Americans are either too dumb to put it together, too in love with our privileges as Americans to learn to live in sustainable ways, or a combination. 
The fact that saying stuff like this is so uncommon speaks to how weak how nonexistent this democracy is. Free exchange of ideas is what democracy is founded on. The whole idea is that as a well informed society we should be able to rule ourselves. 
Capitalism has proven to not produce the most informed societies. Did the slaves understand why the slave masters wouldn’t let them learn to read and write? Did they even always understand what they didn’t know? The folks ruling over us. . . You think they don’t benefit from failing schools?

Via Heidi Berry 


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