Capitalism is not a result of nature 

Those at the top are 1000% invested in making Americans believe that capitalism is somehow a result of the laws of nature. This is what it was like during Feudalism as well. Kings and queens were very invested in people really believing that we are all born into a social class. Many accepted this as a God given fact that couldn’t be challenged. Then over time people started to feel like “nah…I’m pretty sure I wasn’t born to be the serf to some noble my whole life,” and just like that a new paradigm emerged where folks believed that everyone should have the liberty to achieve whatever they want in life. 
Here we are now, and capitalism feels like a god given fact of nature, but now many of us are feeling like “nah… I’m pretty sure I wasn’t born to be a wage slave for the owning class my whole life.” A new paradigm is emerging where we understand that there is no real liberty without democracy, and that democracy cannot exist while economic injustice exists. 
Liberalism says each person for yourself. Whatever you can grab and hold onto is yours. This somehow is what liberty and freedom are defined as within the liberal framework. 
Leftists understand that the individual is actually most free when they are apart of a collective, versus the belief that individualism is what gives us the space to be free. 
If we the people owned all the pharmaceutical companies, and there was no profit associated with medical care I bet folks wouldn’t be scared of vaccines anymore, so how is the current free market system better or representative of freedom? How free are you when you’re scared to get necessary medical treatment? How free are you when the costs of that care put you into life destroying debt? 
But if we came together and said we aren’t going to let the insurance and other medical care industries continue to profit from our misery we could end our healthcare crisis.
Via Heidi Berry 


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