Bias policing in America!?!

AMERICA 2016: A White man chokes a 7-year-old Black boy for “littering” and “defying” him. The Black boy’s mother calls the police for help. A White cop (aka coward on patrol) shows up. After speaking with the White man, he asks the Black mother, “why don’t you teach your son not to litter?” The Black mother responds in a tone of frustration. The White cop throws the Black mother to the ground and proceeds to arrest her. He then threatens her Black daughter with a taser, throws her to the ground and arrests her. The White man who choked the Black boy is left standing by the wayside as the White cop continues to brutalize this Black family. The White cop shows no concern for being recorded on video. He eventually, throws the Black woman holding the camera to the ground and arrests her as well.
If you are aware of the origin of policing in the United States and it’s manifestation throughout the next several decades and beyond, you also understand it’s direct correlation to this situation. If you are not aware of this pricing of policing….
-Chris Kwel


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