White privilege explained


Some may consider this a take of white privilege as well. You see last April former saints DE Will Smith was shot by Cardell Hayes in a dispute that allegedly started over road rage. It was reported that Smith struck Hayes vehicle and then ran off. Subsequently after that they found each other again Hayes fired his weapon in what he says is self defense. Smith was killed and wife was injured. Hayes called police and waited at the scene with his firearm on the hood of his vehicle. He was arrested and charged with murder and has been held without bail since the arrest while he awaits trial.

Joe McKnight

Fast forward to December 2016 and we have Ronald Gasser a white man who shoots another former NFL player named Joe McKnight. It’s alleged that McKnight got out of his vehicle in an attempt to apologize to Gasser and Gasser then fired his weapon. It’s been reported by eye witnesses that Gasser stood over McKnight and said I told you not to fuck with me and then stood over him and fired one last shot.

Gasser moments before he is released.

Surprisingly enough Gasser was not charged and was allowed to leave the scene of the crime and return home. Police have since then requested that any additional witnesses please speak up because based on Gasser’s account of the shooting they did not have reason to charge him. So let me get this straight? A black man shoots a black guy and he goes to jail without bail and is held until his day in court. A white man shoots a black man is allowed to give his one sided account of what happened and the story is so compelling that not only is he not charged…but he is allowed to go home.

This is why the concept of Black on Black crime is bullshit. When a black guy is accused of committing a crime he goes to jail. Period. Point blank. No questions asked. Justice is served or at least the perception of justice is served so there is no outcry from the black community because for the most part justice is served. However when a police officer or in this case a non black kills a black man they are often questioned and then sent home to live life. This was the case of George Zimmerman until a media outcry got him charged, the same as the killer of Jordan Davis, Michael Dunn. When a white man shoots a black man he does not have to prove his innocence America has to prove he is guilty, however when you are black you often must prove you are not guilty and you usually have to do that from a jail cell while wearing an orange jump suit.


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