My ancestors didn’t die so I could vote for Clinton or Trump!! 

Do not I repeat do not use our ancestors sacrifices to justify the illegitimacy of this Presidential election. Our Ancestors did not die for our right to vote between a bigot and fraud. You must be a special kind of stupid to believe that Nat Turner put his life on the line so you can vote for a woman who helped turn mass incarceration into modern day slavery. You do realize that Nat fought and died for freedom, not mass incarceration. You think Malcom X fought for you to support a woman that called young black men super predators. How about Martin? You really think they took them beat downs in Selma so you could vote for a woman that has not 1/100th of the integrity Martin showed? Seriously who are you fooling? I do not believe for a second that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat so an abortion clinic could be placed in every black and brown area. 

You see you want to pick and choose when to honor our history. Let’s talk about recent history like the Black Panthers. Who do you think they would want you to vote for? It seems like you only talk about voting every 4 years. That’s the only time you mention our ancestors, ironically it’s also the election that has the least impact on our lives and we have the least amount of say. Where is all that ancestor talk during school board elections that impact our children? Where is the ancestor talk for local elections like sheriff, tax assessor, city council etc? I never hear it then. You know why? Because you don’t give a damn about anything unless popular opinion dictates it. You same N words voted for Obama, but then skipped the next two years’ worth of votes and have the audacity to position your selves as political experts.

Think before you speak. Our ancestors did not hang from trees so we could vote between Stalin and Hitler. They died so we could be free from oppression not so we can choose the lessor oppressor. They did not die for us to be cowardly. Cowardly is exactly what is to vote out of fear. You not voting for Hillary because you feel she deserves to be president. You are not voting for her because you believe that she will make lives better for Americans. You are voting because you feel she won’t be as bad as Trump. That does not make you free nor does it show our ancestors any sort of respect. Slap yourself if you feel they dies so you could be a damn coward. Don’t tell me what my people died for because you don’t even have the heart to vote as a free person.

Our ancestors fought for your right to have education so why you aint in school? They fought for your right to be a home owner so why you not investing in your community? They fought for your right to spend your dollars on the black community so why you still giving it to the white man? Our ancestors fought for our right to be class acts so why the hell you watching Love and hip hop and empire? The point is our ancestors died for a hell of a lot more than voting but you only want to play that card when you are trying to discourage free thinking and independent thought, you know the shit they actually died for!!!


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