Wigsplittaz Radio Show

Tonight on the Wigsplittaz Radio Show we have Retro Hendrixx and Peso Seis from The Petro Campaign who recently opened for Trill Sammy Also our #HotTopics include : -Is Odell Beckham Jr a crybaby ? Will the Dallas Cowboys success continue with Dak ? -Tom Brady’s return … -NBA is returning …our thoughts… including Dewayne Wade’s impact on the Bulls … Kevin Durant with the Cavs , and more … -Donald Trump on PTSD and Taxes … -Why nobody seems to care about Haiti ? -The comments of Dave Chappelle on Key and Peele show.. Luke Cage!!!! And more only on UITA only on the TUNEIN APP 9 Pm CST

WigSplittaz Radio Show – Worst Election ever?


-We have scheduled guests : Videographer/Rap Artist Jonathan Presswood PWood aka HollywoodPee of Black Bar List /Boss Ent

-And the Comedy Duo of JunBug Ulibarri and Ben Veal (BigBen) aka The Big Angry Mexicans

-And you know we have to speak on the recent police shootings of unarmed citizens and current relationship between the African American community and law enforcement ….

-We are speaking on the outlandish comments by Donald Trump Jr. …

-The First Presidential Debate between Trump and Hillary coming up and our expectations…

-The beef between Meek and Game …

-Bradgelina …and much more

Only on UITA only on the TUNEIN app @9pm cst !!!!!


9/21/16 WigSplittaz Radio Show

9/14/16 WigSplittaz Radio Show

Episode Two 8/31/16

Episode 1



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