Open Letter

Over the last few weeks there have been more killings of unarmed people by the police. The fact that I am acknowledging that there have been more killings is indicative of an ongoing trend of American police not only terrorizing the very people that they are sworn to protect but also spotlights the fact that the american people have done little to rectify a situation that is slowly starting to spiral out of control. We live in a country that seeks to condemn the victims and chooses to afford the killers a borderline uncomfortable level of presumed innocence no matter how egregious the act may have been. As black non immigrants in America we are forced to navigate a treacherous terrain littered with legislation and bureaucratic red tape that condemns those that exercise their constitutional rights and then subsequently shields those that deny those rights of any and all accountability.  At times it can feel as if we are ice skating uphill. Our cries to the almighty have not been answered although our faith has been vigilant and steadfast. Yet we still pray. Is prayer the answer? What about marching and protest? Although we have tried that tactic for decades and it as yielded only the lowest of the fruit for most of us it is the go to tactic…well that and rioting.

We tear up our own neighborhoods which is akin to an inmate destroying their property in protest of a situation. Not only is this activity fruitless, but it also destroys the few fruit we had already procured. Its hard not to feel helpless when you take a look at than circumstances that surround us as black americans. It’s discouraging to say the least that we are forced to accept that you can be killed by the police regardless of your level of compliance. It’s literally a coin toss. Philando Castille was pulled over 52 times in a 14 year span. 52 times in a community that’s roughly 8500 people of which 5% are black. 52 times he was profiled by the police and subject to harassment. I would be willing to wager that most white americans are not pulled over 52 times in their life span, yet alone a 14 year period. It’s a microcosm for the experiences that many black americans face daily. An experience that is encouraged in police departments across the country .

20151010_101107.jpgAs I sit here I write this letter the news is reporting that three police officers were killed in Baton Rouge Louisiana. It’s unfortunate to say the least. However what is equally unfortunate is that most Americans will find it in them to mourn the loss of the officers indiscriminately. There will be no presumption of guilt on behalf of the officers. No attempts to dehumanize the victims will be made by mainstream media. No mug shots of theirs will be shared in lieu of a photograph that does not include negative preconceived notions. They will be lauded as heroes while the individuals that committed the atrocious acts will surely be hunting down like dogs while the American public cheer on the public servants tasked with the job of apprehending these suspects.  The shootings will be generalized and no context will be given concerning the socioeconomic conditions that have caused the less than fragile relationship that existed between the police and the citizens of Baton Rouge which are further damaged by the behavior on both sides of these polarizing issues. Police do not trust the public and the public do not trust the police.Period.

Our fellow Americans have chosen to ridicule the struggle yet we continue to seek acceptance and are hopeful for integration. Integration into a system that was never designed to accommodate the needs of the very people who built this country and still continue to be the legs that prop this table up.  The time for change is now, I think we all can agree on that. How we spark change seems to be the hottest topic on social media among most Black Americans. A top so hot that it causes the most intellectual of individuals to get hostile amongst arguably the only people who are like-minded enough to support the movement in its infancy.  Alas I digress.I got distracted by Pokemon Go…you know how easy it is to get caught up in the wave. Distractions can come in all shapes and sizes. The most important aspect of the distractions are the functionality.  All too often in the America we are met with distractions that we fall for.  Some are obvious like professional sports. What many americans consider sacred past times are nothing more than age-old tactics used to distract the masses while the powers that govern our lives stealthily and steadily pass legislation that invades our privacy. Other times the distraction can come from TV. Remember the Baltimore protest in the response to the treatment of Freddie Gray? Just as the movement was gaining momentum it seemed as it vanished overnight….well not literally overnight. In this case it ended as soon as the Floyd Mayweather fight took place. One minute it was #BlackLivesMatter and the next it was senseless rhetoric over the legacy of a man who has shown little empathy towards the masses during our periods of mourning20151010_103450.

Rather its professional sports, mainstream television, false flagged events, or video games we are all subject to our attention being rerouted after a jarring set of circumstances.

The time for change is now. Its time to reassess the way we are attacking this problem.Time to open your eyes and accept that we must evolve in our thinking if we are to win this war. Unification is the key to righting the wrongs that have been inflicted on black people in america. Its time to build communities that can compete in the economic climate of todays America. We have to control our own resources if we are to have a fighting chance in this race war. Or should I say war that is a race for resources. Essentially that’s what its about.Resources.Their control over the resources enables them to dictate our socioeconomic climate. It’s that simple. To whom you give your money is to whom you give your power. You do the math.




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