#PattiPie Threatens to end Economic Boycott

I am going to tell you the story about a pie that threaten to destroy our economic boycott. The first thing I want to talk about is the power of viral marketing we have one flamboyant homosexual with a beautiful voice who got a country full of lazy Negus to flock to Walmart and purchase pie. Now the significance of the pie purchase is that everybody that went to Walmart to get a pie left with something else in addition to that Pie every time you left with something extra Walmart cashed in. Now its not like Walmart needs money it is definitely not like Walmart values people of any race but none of that matters because Patti has a pie. Now the powers that be have started to slash prices earlier then ever so this strategy was absolutely brilliant.  The sad thing is that the Nation of Islam has been selling pies for years and you crazy nuggas laugh at the well dressed brothers selling healthy pies instead of drugs. Ain’t that a Bitch. The rabbit hole gets deeper as a I digress. In my humble opinion the worst part about all this is how a pie. A fucking sweeeeeeet potatoe pie could bring out the crab in the bucket, willie lynch syndrome hater ass nigga in each and every one of our families. I’ll bet my left nut that you had somebody in your family that was hating hard on them pies. Talking cash shit about how bad the pie is and how they could do better. That’s crazy because you almost never see white people hating on Paula Deen. Hell you niggas love Paula nigger hating ass.


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