Daddy’s home 

I’ve learned from experience that women who grew up with out dads are always the first to try and say to their man stop acting like my daddy. This is flawed on several levels. First off if you never had a dad you are in no position to critique a man from that perspective. Secondly women who grew up with no male authority figures are not accustomed to authoritative patriarchs. Just because you were raised in a matriarch doesn’t mean a man giving you any kind of instruction is the equivalent of him trying to be your dad. Men and women carry significantly different burdens. Regardless of how you feel about it the reality is that in a functioning nuclear family the patriarch is at the head. This doesn’t mean the mother is in a subservient role however it does mean that the bulk of the responsibility for the success or failure of the family unit will always fall on the mans shoulders. No one feels sorry for grown men. There are no government programs in place to aid able bodied men. No temporary food stamps, no men’s Medicaid, no men’s shelters for displaced men that have programs designed to get them back on their proverbial feet. At the end of the day God created men to take care of women and women were created to be the support men need to bare this burden. The moral to the story is let a man be a man. Let him be the natural leader of his family unit. Learn to communicate with him in a manner that he not only values your input but also includes it his decision making processes. Black History is littered with women who were forced to be the leaders of their family unit and have failed miserably at it. Women are so quick to blame their family struggling because of the lack of a father figure but in the same breath try to emasculate the men that are trying to actively lead the family unit. Any woman that can’t follow isn’t equipped to lead and any man that can’t lead isn’t a man at all.Like


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