Distractions…How many of us have them?

Distractions. How many of us deal with them on a daily basis? Specifically speaking the black community appears to be the most affected by these distractions that take our attention away from the real issues. Our men are distracted by various means of population control like sports. How many times have you observed a group of black men engaging in a heated debate about their favorite sports teams or icons? Men can debate sports legacies vigorously but appear inept when promoted to discuss social issues that affect our standards of living. Rarely do you see us engaged in positive rhetoric about our community and how we can improve the lives of our children. The average brother can tell you when a pair of Jordan’s will debut but will struggle to tell you what issues are relevant to his community during the mid term elections. 

Our women are equally distracted. Reality TV is usually more important to the average black woman than attending a PTA meeting for their children. We have adolescent women who know more about cosmetology than they do arithmetic. The emphasis is usually placed on improving your appearance than improving your mind. Our women take pride in calling themselves strong based on their ability to do things that other women do without seeking recognition. Independence takes precedence over being the matriarch of a nuclear family unit. It’s all distractions. How many of our sisters idolize Michelle Obama instead of trying to not only keep up with the Kardashians but also adhere to the European standard of beauty. 

Leadership is about leading by example. We can no longer rely on the educational system to teach our children how to achieve the American Dream. America is not designed to teach us how to build generational wealth and an identity. We can not continue to ignore the state of the black community. Jesus is not coming to save us. The only way that we can change perceptions is to change ourselves and our sense of self worth. When was the last time you invested in your community? Instead of attending mega churches and being brain washed into believing that you are benefitting God by giving the church your money you should be investing that money into ownership. Home ownership should be the standard not the exception. Our children need stability. Reevaluate your self. What is more important to you?


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