Women Are the Key

So apparently one of the underlying story lines of #ChiRaq the Movie is the women deciding to no longer reward these young men with the privilege of having sex with them as long as they are partaking in the fuckery and the bullshit such as killing each other and selling drugs etc. This coincides with what I have been saying for years and that the key to a renaissance in Black america is the VICTORYwomen. If our women unified and decided to hold our men to a higher standard and stopped rewarding bad behavior then we would all be so much more better off. If men were forced to secure gainful employment and be leaders as a prerequisite to getting the pussy then they would do just that. If women would think twice before they give the pussy to a deadbeat who doesn’t take care of the children they already have then maybe men would be more inclined to do what is right. Women make the mistake of the rewarding bad behavior all to often. You can not rehabilitate poor behavior by rewarding it.  Women can not succumb to loneliness and lower their standards for the sake of  having “a man”, as a collective unit women must establish standards that will be enforced and I guarantee that our men will either evolve or cease to exist. Both of which will ultimately benefit our race in the long term.  Its been said for years that being every strong man is a strong woman and I whole heartedly agree.


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