We can officially add being a black church drummer on your way home from work to the list of potential hazards for black people in America. 31 year old Corey Jones was mercilessly gunned down by a plain clothes police officer who was riding in an unmarked car at 3AM. Corey was on his way home when he unfortunately experienced some car trouble. He then did what most rational human beings would do and called for a tow truck. While waiting on the tow truck Nouman Raja, with the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department, stopped to investigate what he believed was an abandoned vehicle. Police recovered a handgun at the scene, which paperwork showed Jones had bought three days before the shooting. Officials have not said whether that gun was fired. There is no dash camera footage of the incident, nor was the officer wearing a body camera so this incident will likely turn into an inadvertent blame game in which the deceased party will never be privileged enough to share their portion of the story. Please do your part to spread awareness of this heinous act so we can get #JusticeForCoreyJones so his family can get the resolution they deserve.


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