Economic Boycott 


A boycott is an act of voluntarily abstaining from using, buying, or dealing with a person, organization, or country as an expression of protest, usually for social or political reasons. Sometimes, it can be a form of consumer activism.

There are many people in America who can sense that the racial tension is getting very thick. We live in a country that was built on bloodshed and oppression of the less fortunate. While few of you would deny the history of this country most of you fail to acknowledge that this country’s history is the reason that we are in the position we find ourselves in currently. There have been calls from many of you for a war. A war against white people. While I feel your pain and frustration it would be irresponsible of me as a leader and as a fellow black man to encourage my people to partake in an act that they are not equipped to be successful in. Logistically speaking we are out numbered by an insurmountable margin in the United States. We account for 13 percent of the total population while our oppressors account for roughly 77 percent of the population. Now to put that into terms that you can understand imagine a fight where it’s 77 people versus 13 people. Logic would suggest that the 77 people would win. Now this doesn’t even take into account the disparity when it comes to firearms or organization between the two groups. To put it bluntly. We would get our asses kicked in a physical war. This doesn’t mean that we should sit idle and do nothing so I do want you to get discouraged. I just want you to understand that war would not be in our best interest. 
All we have to do is look at recent history to understand the impact that an economic boycott can have. The Montgomery bus boycotts were arguably the most successful boycotts in American history. The African American community withheld their money for a full physical year. The impact was so great that powers that be were more than willing to invite us to have a seat at their economic table. The pressure that Montgomery was under was unprecedented and the economy was on the verge of a collapse. This was a display of true power. Eventually we were allowed to sit anywhere on the bus and the foundation for integration was established. To whom you give your money is to whom you give your power. 


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