A black mans promise 

Dear Black Queen, 
I will love you unconditionally. I will protect you without restraint. I will reciprocate the energy and strength that you provide me with. I will no longer sit idle and allow the devil to harm that which is most precious to me. For you are the tree of life and are vital to the preservation of our people. I will appreciate your curves and melanin. I will embrace your true standard of beauty and will no longer be blinded by the European influence. I will be the provider of a stable environment that you can claim as your own. I will marry you. My last name will be your last name. Together we will raise our children as a unit the way our creator intended. Our fates are intertwined and my success is your success. Your pain is my pain. We share the same blood. My entire existence will be dedicated to ensuring that your needs are met. 

Your King the Black Man



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