Black Men are worth Billions 

As black men we spend our whole life chasing million dollar deals. We want to be rappers, athletes, actors etc. we pursue these things in hopes of being worth a million dollars. The sad thing is that the government gives black men million dollar deals every day. It cost 50k a year to house an inmate. You do the math. If the judge gives you a 20 year sentence at 50k a year. That is 1M dollars. How many of your homies got million dollar deals in that fashion? It’s crazy. We spend our whole lives chasing millions and running from millions. It’s millions chasing me everyday. Maybe that’s why I don’t trust the police. I’ve spent my whole life trying not to be a millionaire the hard way. I’ve ran from from money so much that it gives me anxiety. That’s why our fascination with money can often be our downfall. They use to say chase the money. Now it’s about getting the money to chase you. If you only knew that the money was already chasing you you would take necessary precautions to make sure you don’t get caught.  


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