Double Standards In America

Double Standards In America

It seems like only yesterday when we were discussing the Ray Rice situation. The more things change the more they stay the same. We live in a society where man get the benefit of many double standards. Men can be promiscuous without consequence or ridicule from society. Men are often paid more for the same jobs as women. Men are considered better drivers and so on and so on. Ironically one place that men are never given the benefit of the doubt is when it comes to self defense against the opposite sex. When you are a man it comes with the stigma that you can’t be physically hurt by a woman. This stigma is the epitome of bullshit. Men bruise just as easily as women. We can be affected by physical assaults just like women can. Size does not determine pain tolerance. Just because an elephant doesn’t holler when you step on its foot does not mean it did not hurt. We live in a world where men are expected to be protectors and defenders but not allowed to defend themselves when being assaulted by women. De’Andre Johnson, a former FSU recruit learned this lesson the hard way. He was in a bar enjoying himself when he decided to make his way to the bar. Once he got there he accidentally bumped into a young lady who then turned around and got defensive, presumably because she was bumped by a black man who obviously interfered with her self imposed sense of entitlement. She then raised her fist as if she was going to strike him. De’Andre then grabbed her arm in a self defensive measure and the young lady proceeded to knee him in the genitalia and spouted racial slurs at him. As if this was not enough she then proceeded to punch him in the face, upon contact De’Andre reacted by punching the young lady back. Below is the video so you can judge for yourself.

Needless to say De’Andre was arrested and charged with assault despite the video evidence which detailed the whole interaction. He has been subsequently suspended from FSU indefinitely and will most likely never play football there again. He will potentially lose his scholarship will be labeled as an abusive young black male. Now I do not condone his actions but I also recognize that he does have a right to defend himself. In my opinion he did not use excessive force and only did what was necessary to prevent her from hitting him again. My question is why does the gender of the offender neutralize your right to defend yourself. When can a man in America react when attacked without being ostracized.


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