My Apple Watch Review

    I have had my Apple Watch for a week so I think its about time for a review. First off let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am an Apple fanboy, meaning I love Apple products. I own an iMac, iPad, Macbook Pro, and of course an iPhone 6 plus. I have been an avid iPhone user since 2009 and have owned every model of iPhone since the 3G. I also work for a telecom company so I am an avid Android user as well. I am not anti Android, in fact I think Android has some amazing hardware, however I believe that the soft ware fragmentation is its achilles heel and the iPhone functions with such ease and grace that Android does not have enough advantages to promote an eco system swap from iOS for me personally.   

  With that being said lets focus on the newest addition to the Apple family. For my review I purchased the 42MM Space Gray sport model with the black band. I will start with the band. The band is a little difficult to put on for the first time, but once it is on it feels very secure.The band is very comfortable and there has not been a single time since I put it on that it irritated me at all. The watch itself is very light weight. The build design is top notch as you would expect from an Apple product. The aluminum casing is light on the wrist and the retina display is flawless. The user interface does have a moderate learning curve but that is to be expected when dealing with a new class of technology.  Apps are a mixed bag with some ranging from very useful to novelty but once again considering this is a new class of technology that is to be expected. The good news is there are almost 4000 apps available fro the device, a number that trumps all other smart watch platforms. Rest assured that this number will continue to grow. Battery life has not been an issue for me. I routinely start my mornings at 6AM and usually am sleep by 11PM. So far the lowest I have seen the battery dip is to 26% and that was on my first full day of use when I admittedly could not keep my hands off of it. Since then I normally have about 40-50% left when I put it on the charger. As a watch I have no complaints. As an accessory I am totally satisfied. I am no longer tied to my phone all day. When I get a text I receive a subtle vibration on my wrist and I can inconspicuously take a glance at it and decide if I need to respond now or if it can wait. When I get a call I can screen it on my wrist. If need be I will answer it or I may just cover the screen with my hand to silence it. The overwhelming reviews have been positive. Those who are not pleased with their purchase may be expecting to much. The device is not meant to replace your phone, it is an accessory for your phone. It is not a smart phone on your wrist, it is a smart watch. In time the product will only get better but its nice to know that Apple has given validation to the category which is needed to make it viable.  



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