What has the Ray Rice situation taught me about America?

America the beautiful, the land of prosperity and second chances unless you make the women mad. I know my statement sounds cliche but the reality is it’s more truth to it then it should be. People make mistakes all the time and people make excuses for other peoples mistakes all the time as well. This is human nature I suppose. Unfortunately human nature also lends itself to be extremely judgmental. Society loves an underdog story but they also love to dog you while you are under the scrutiny of their. It’s almost as like we expect people to no longer be human because they are rich. Maybe it’s because some of us think that money does solve your problems so we expect rich people to live perfect lives. As a human being you are going to make mistakes. There will be times that you lose your cool and act out character but thanks to the digital age we live in your ugliest moments are now being broadcast across the world without your consent. You nice have a billion strangers scrutinizing you while at your lowest point all so they could feel better about there existence. It’s sad but true. Misery lives company and America loves to kick a black man when he’s down. America doesn’t care that the incident happened 7 months ago and both parties have moved on with their lives. America doesn’t care that their reaction to the tape starts the healing process for their family all over again. Instead of acknowledging that they were able to recover from this event we would rather reprimand then for letting us down. Letting us down lmao. As if their marital problems have impacted us in such a way that we feel we should get to determine what is an adequate punishment that makes us feel better.

This is what happens when we begin to live in a Godless world. This is what happens when we begin to look towards man for justice instead of allowing God to heal a situation. The bible teaches us that no sin is greater then the other, but social media teaches us that the identity of the sinner determines the magnitude of the sin and subsequently should also determine the punishment. This is just the beginning. The beginning of the end of life as we know it. A world wear judgment supersedes compassion. Where ridicule replaces forgiveness. Where ostracism replaces understanding.



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