Men think with their Dicks

Men think with their dicks. It’s a fact not an opinion but also something we have little to no control over. A hard dick is mans worst enemy at times. From the time we find out what our dick is for until our dick no longer works we spend our days looking for somewhere to put it. Ironic isn’t that we spend 9 months trying to get out the pussy only to spend the rest of our days trying to get back in it. Alas the highs and lows of being a man. The problem with a hard dick is it requires lots of blood to keep it hard. The male body only has so much blood in it so when the dick gets hard it does so at a cost of blood to the brain. In fact the bigger your dick is the more blood it requires to keep it hard. You ever watch a porn movie? You see those dudes with 12 inch dicks…well the reality is that dick can never get fully erect because it would require all the blood from the brain and probably would result in the man being put into a coma. It’s true men think with their dicks but it’s not like we have a choice. If we truly were created in Gods image then I thank God for my dick only being able to be hard for a limited portion of the day. If the dick stayed hard imagine how little productivity men would actually achieve in a day. The human race as we know it would be extinct. We would’ve never got past the hunter gatherer phase in evolution because a stiff dick doesn’t hunt or gather unless it’s pussy being hunted or gathered….


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