The Story of Two Pots

Many of us go throughout life without ever questioning things. We do things because that’s the way we believe they’ve always been done without ever asking why it is the things we are doing are done that way. Many of us are afraid to be independent thinkers and use the critical thinking and logic skills that we are all blessed with. Today I give you the story of “The two Pots”. Growing up I had a friend who’s mom always made two small size pots of spaghetti whenever she cooked him and his siblings their favorite meal. He never questioned why and always assumed this was just the way spaghetti was made, with two small sized pots. As we grew older we grew apart as childhood friends do but we always stayed in touch. As fate would have it we were reunited in our 30s and were eager to meet up to revisit some of our child hood memories. A few weeks later I was visiting in our home town and came by to visit him for dinner. Much to my surprise he was cooking our favorite meal, spaghetti. When it was time to fix my plate I went into the kitchen and noticed he too made two pots of spaghetti just like his mom had done for years. Me being me I asked him why he made two pots instead of one. I assumed it was due to different ingredients being used in each pot. He said no they were the same and that’s the way his mom always made it so he made it that way too. I laughed and didn’t think twice about it. We enjoyed our visit and vowed to see each other soon. A few days later I was in the local grocery store and happen to run into my friends mother. She immediately recognized me and asked about my mother. We shared a laugh and I told her I had seen her son a little while ago. I then told her that his spaghetti was almost as good as hers as a segue to ask her why she always made her spaghetti in two pots instead of one. She smiled and told me that when her children were smaller she never had a pot big enough to make enough spaghetti to feed them all so she improvised by making two small pots to compensate for her lack of a big enough pot. The moral to the story is circumstances often dictate procedure but if you don’t realize the circumstances that lead to a procedure being designed then you may be making your life harder than it has to be. QUESTION EVERYTHING

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