My Sprint EVO experience

I admit I was pretty skeptical about my new EVO. The only reason I purchased it was cause I am a technology junkie and I had to get my hands on a phone as tightly spec’ed as the EVO.I am an iphone user but I had owned a Hero and a Moment before so I was pretty familiar with android. When I brought it home I hid my iphone so I would be forced to use the EVO for all my daily phone tasks. Android’s user experience isn’t nearly as solid as iphone os 3.0 but it is solid nonetheless. Its not that android isn’t functional its just that it often take more button presses on the EVO then it take son my 3gs for the same task. Once I stopped resisting and adapted to the process it was very intuitive. The front facing camera is the thing that won me over because I love to video chat and stream my life to the world. 4G is great when you have a signal but the battery life on this things sucks ass. Way worse than the iphone and thats saying a lot. All in all if the EVO plans were as costly as the iphone then I wouldn’t use this gorgeous phone, however since it is on sprint the value is unparalleled. The new iphone comes out in 3 weeks and it matches the EVO in almost every category. i have to admit that i am getting it and the Evo will be use as a business line. If your stuck with one carrier and are looking to save money than I choose the EVO, but if your money is long enough I definitely suggest the iphone, or you can get like me and get both.


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