Thanx to all my new Fans

I want to thank all my new fans who have joined the following. I really appreciate all the love that is being shown. People have to understand that being a fan is seldom about spending money its about spending time relaxing enjoying my music. If you joined my mailing list i consider u a fan, if u listen to multiple songs i consider you a fan. If you send me a friend request or leave a comment I consider you a fan. Hell if you stopped by my page to hate I still consider u a fan because if u not talked about u not thought about. The mixtape is getting mastered as we speak and will be in production in the next few weeks. I know that you are going to love it because there is truly sum-thin for everyone. I am officially calling it “The Great Adventures of the Bipolar Rapper Soundtrack”. This is the backdrop of my story and it surely is one the world doesn’t want to miss. Spread the love and respect the craft.


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