F@&k Today

Today started out as a promising day and slowly progressed into one of the worst days ive had in a longtime. I guess thats how the devil works and today I let him get the best of me……alas i move onto bigger and better things. I got the final cover art for the MixTape and I am uploading as we speak. TimeWarner is bullshittin wit this slow ass internet but I guess greatness takes time. Im excite about my future and cant wait till all my misery is a thing of the past. Deezil is a creature of habit and my surroundings of late have not been able to accommodate the complexity of my nature. That means its time to move around and thats exactly what i plan to do. I pick up my physical discs on May 28th which is 2 days after my next show but I ain’t trippin cuz I got three more shows lined up and after the mixtape drop ill have more work than I can handle but I will handle cuz believe you me i want this more than you can imagine.


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